Hard Maple

Hard Maple 1

Hard maple, also called sugar maple and rock maple (scientific name: Acer saccharum), has a heartwood of dark red-brown color. The sapwood tends to range from nearly white to off-white cream with a red or golden hue. Its texture is fine and even, and the grain is straight but can be wavy.

Hard maple is commonly found in northeastern North America. It is non-durable, prone to insect attack, and perishable.

Janka Hardness :

6,450 N (1,450 lbf)

Average Dried Weight :

705 kg/m3 (44.0 lbs/ft3)

Workability :

With hard maple, it is fairly easy to achieve good results with either hand or machine tools. However, when machined with high-speed cutters, maple tends to burn. It turns well and is good for steam bending. It is also good with glues and finishes well. Staining can produce blotching. For an even color, avoid using gel stain, toner, or pre-conditioner.


Pricing / Availability

Hard maple is usually more costly than soft maple due to its higher density and firmness, but it is still an affordable option. However, figured objects made of hard maple, like quilt and birdseye, are expensive.



Hard maple is not mentioned on the IUCN’s Red List or in the CITES Appendices.


Common Uses

It is a widely used type of wood and has a wide array of applications ranging from the flooring of basketball courts to bowling alleys, to pulpwood for paper, to musical instruments, to various culinary utilities such as cutting boards and butcher blocks to sports equipment such as baseball bats, to turned wooden objects and specialty wooden objects.

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